Family Values

Why choose us

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Definition of Family Values


Cascade of the Tools into the Businesses


Family Vision, Mission and Values


Embedding the Concepts

Our Mission

  • A picture of the future state that we seek to create for the Group
  • Provides a destination, not a direction
  • Can change from time to time


Our Vision

  • What the Group commits to doing to support the achievement of the visio
  • Provides a direction to the destination
  • Can change from time to time


Our Values

  • Values articulate how we intend to live as we pursue our mission
  • Behavioural compass
  • Organisational behaviours that build culture
  • Remain fixed over time


Cascade of the System

Hierarchy in a Conglomerate

About Us

To be a progressive, successful and sustainable African business

Helping to build economies and uplift communities,by delivering solutions to the needs we have as individuals, societies and the natural world.

About Us

Customer Service Through Service Exellence

We achieve customer satisfaction by providing high quality, relevant products, delivered through an excellent service experience and easily accessed via preferred channels. 

Success is defined as market leadership on both financial and non-financial measures, in businesses we have built and acquired, that contribute towards a flourishing economy.