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Customer Satisfaction Through Service Excellence

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We promote career aspirations

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For the next generation of big businesses

The Group is uniquely positioned by its diverse and decentralised business outlets, operating in the building material, electrical, motor retail, agricultural and catering supply sectors through its five well established divisions PUPKEWITZ Megabuild, PUPKEWITZ Motors, PUPKEWITZ Megatech, Kaap Agri Namibia and PUPKEWITZ Catering Supplies. All these Divisions operate under the wing of PUPKEWITZ Holdings, founded on the ethos of Customer Satisfaction Through Service Excellence.

The PUPKEWITZ Foundation, focusing on Corporate Social Investment has touched the lives of over a million Namibians in need through close alignment with the Harambee Prosperity Plan and the National Development Plans. Mrs Meryl Barry as the CEO and driver behind the PUPKEWITZ Foundation works tirelessly with her team in pursuit of poverty eradication, supporting education and various initiatives in early childhood development, culture, sports and health to name a few.

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Creating Communities


Bridging Divides

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Thinkers and Makers


M. Barry

M. Barry


E Shepherd

E Shepherd


A. Barry

A. Barry


G.A. Uirab

G.A. Uirab

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Let’s Make Things Better

Imagine the Possibilities

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Our Impact

The Pupkewitz Foundation imagines a world where it can scale up its investment to achieve more impactful results. To increase its capacity, the Foundation is working towards raising additional capital externally. 

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